Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Founded in 2009 by Mr. J Noble Yuvaraj, our mission has been and will continue to be the enhancement of society through financial planning. According to a recent study, over 51% of Indians don’t have a retirement plan, while more than 80% don’t consider inflation while planning for retirement. Money management is one of the most basic skills required for wealth creation and yet it is not taught to us in school, college, or even later on in life.

Our main goal is to positively impact every family in India in a manner where financial planning becomes the next logical step after getting a bank account. Financial independence isn’t hard to achieve at all with the proper planning. We focus on achieving personal goals as this can be a lot more fulfilling than simple monetary gains. 

As an independent and autonomous wealth management firm, we believe in a tailor-made approach that is custom designed for each and every client that we represent. What you won’t find here is mass produced templates or a “one size fits all,” approach. As opposed to other financial institutions that are answerable to their parent groups and are expected to recommend certain products, we have no such liabilities and advise you based on pure and unbiased market research and analysis.

Our Vision

To ensure every family has the opportunity to gain financial independence, plan for major life events like education, marriages, lastly and most importantly, retire in peace and tranquility despite the rising costs.

We aim to achieve this by Protecting and Compounding Wealth for all our clients by creating a portfolio of Minimum 10 Crores INR for each and every client over the next 15 years and grow to a total value of $2 billion over the same time period.

This is to be done by advising and providing access to Professional Wealth Management Services on an unprecedented scale using cutting edge technology to provide a customized approach to each client.

These services include everything from basic Risk Management Solutions; Goal based Planning and Comprehensive Financial Planning.