Planning for a Grand auspicious Marriage

As per a report published by KPMG, India's current wedding market is estimated at $50 billion, accompanied by a rapid annual growth rate. Thereby, making it one of the biggest contributors to the travel and hospitality industries. - Financial Express 2021

Having a big fat Indian wedding for your children is on almost everyone’s list of life goals and is an important milestone for just about everybody who has kids. While weddings are without a doubt a grand affair in India, they are expensive and require a lot of planning. From the venue to the food, outfits, ceremony, reception, tickets for a destination wedding, hotel bookings for relatives, and the honeymoon package, the list is endless and can quickly overwhelm someone who isn’t prepared. Additionally, when you’re preparing for a wedding in advance, (as you should), you also need to take into account inflation that will add a considerable amount to your grand total.

The good news, however, is that today you have a number of options available to you to ensure you’re ready for the big day when it comes that include investments as well as low-interest loans for your child’s wedding. For investments in particular you have a number of options which include Systematic Investment Plans, Mutual Funds, Gold-based investments like Gold Bonds, as well as investments in Money Market and Debt Instruments. We provide a tailor-made customized approach that uses a combination of the above investment options to ensure you reach the monetary goal of your dream wedding.